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We have wanted to come to Feast and Fallow for a long time but considered it a bit out of our way. I'm not sure how I convinced myself that a cafe within walking distance of a sky-train station would be hard to get to! So on one beautiful late winter day, we made the trip and enjoyed items off of F&F's brand new menu.

Located a couple of blocks east of Oakridge on 41st, this is a cafe with a conscience. You can read about their impressive philosophy on their website. Personally, I have long wondered why the recommended Christian qualities of love and empathy would not lead all Christians to veganism. That's not exactly what Feast and Fallow is about, it's just what I have thought. I bring up the Christian thing as they are part of a church complex here.
I got a little carried away given all the beautiful baked goods that they had on display and so we ended up with dessert first, then our main meal, and then more dessert. When I see a vegan Cinnamon Bun, I just can't help myself. This one was amazing. Moist and rich and the perfect coffee break companion.
And speaking of coffee, they do a pretty impressive job at a reasonable price with a decent menu of beverage choices. Mharie had her decaf Americano, while I had a Flat White. As a dark roast, black coffee guy, this was a pleasant departure from my usual and as they use plant-based milks, there was no big discussion. The plant was just there, We did not eat it.
We were not really familiar with the old menu but gather that the Shakshuka was a new offering. It came with a slice of wonderful sourdough.
The most impressive thing about the Shakshuka was the vegan poached egg. We have had some variation on vegan poached eggs before but this one was the best. No, it did not taste like egg yolk (it has not been that long for me) but the texture was spot on and very rich. It tasted good also but just not quite a yolk. I lost my window of opportunity to ask the chef about it as he got very busy in the kitchen, so I am not sure exactly what it was (maybe he wouldn't tell me anyway) but you need to try this. The dish as a whole was wonderful and deeply tomatoey.
We also tried the Just Brekkie Open Faced Sandwich which was a lovely mélange of Just Egg, mushrooms, greens and Pilli Pilli sauce on more of the wonderful sourdough. It was substantial and certainly a meal unto itself!
Second dessert, which was entirely unnecessary, was their Strawberry Waffles complete with Maple Syrup, strawberries and I'm not sure what kind of whipped cream. Delicious!
The staff here are very friendly and clearly in agreement with what they are accomplishing. The room is beautiful and sunny (well if you arrive on a sunny day) with communal tables and I would guess there will be outside seating as the season turns. All of the food we ate and the left overs that we took with came to only $50 including tax and tip which is insane. Definitely worth the trip!
Food                             5 out of 5
Vegan Options              5 out of 5
Comfort                        4 out of 5
Service                         4 1/2 out of 5
Value                            5 out of 5

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