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We first visited Veg Out a couple of years ago during Veganuary and loved the place (OK. Truck). In the time since, we have seen them around a couple of times but they always had a one-hour lineup attached to them. This time we knew they were setting up at Vegan Supply in White Rock. Being the middle of nowhere and on a dreary day, we thought if we got there early, there would be a limited number of hungry vegans lined up ahead of us!

We showed little imagination in ordering almost the same thing as we ordered last time (although, if it ain't broke!). We placed our order, picked up our food (I was first in line!) and made our way to a lovely park in White Rock to consume said order!
We started with Veg Out's perfect wings with sweet and spicy sauce. The 'skin' on these things is uncanny and I had to ask if it was real chicken skin (I did not ask that as I didn't need to, but you might need to) while the meat was also tasty. It's all about the sauce in reality, isn't it? I am glad that faux meat never really tastes completely like dead animal. 
I used to complain that people called poutine Canada's national dish but as a vegan side, it carries some weight. The Buffalo Chicken Poutine provides a little bit of so many delectable things!. Buffalo sauce, fried chicken, ranch, crispy fires and uncountable calories. Not for every day but certainly delicious.
Last time, we ordered the Vegonator which was insane but this time, they had a Korean Burger special. It was a chicken burger but with assorted Koreanish condiments and toppings. All on an excellent bun but still messy enough that it was necessary to assume a stance that would not allow you to drip sauce all over yourself. Excellent!
Finally another Veg Out amazing milkshake. You will definitely have to try one for yourself and I challenge you to tell the difference between this and any dairy milkshake.
I usually like to post a picture of the dining room when I blog about a place. Crescent Park is very nice and they have these covered picnic areas. I only wonder how all of the picnic table seats could be soaked when there is a roof over them? I guess that I won't hold that over Veg Out.
Food                         4 1/2 out of 5
Vegan Options          5 out of 5
Comfort                     NA
Service                      5 out of 5
Value                         4 1/2 out of 5

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