Tera V Burger, Delta - Vegan Options

So I noticed that there was another Tera V Burger on the map! In the past, we have visited Tera V on Broadway in Vancouver as well as their Knight Street location which I referred to as Vegan Fried Chick'un and both of which have been reviewed on this blog. Since the new location was closer to home for us than the others, we decided to swing by and enjoy some vegan eats.

I should have investigated further as plans to eat in went out the window as we realized that this was strictly a take-out counter and located in an industrial area at that (so more of a weekday lunch place for the locals). Not only is this an outpost for Tera V and the related Vegan Fried Chick'un, but we also noticed the Cheesecake Factory logo on the front of the building. Don't get excited vegans, as the CF offerings are not plant-based. Anyway, we placed an order when we figured out which items were available (half the menu sold out?) and vegan (there are a few other sneaky non-vegan items here).
We started with dessert of which some items on the menu were plant-based. The Carrot Cake was wonderful. The vegan cream cheese icing was spot on and not for the diabetics among us but topped off a wonderful moist cake.
One thing that doesn't travel well is Crepes. These vegan Maple Butter Crepes were quite tasty but look sadly abused because they travelled in a box. Don't order crepes unless you can eat them immediately. Period.
New to us on the Tera V menu were the vegan Samosa Burgers. We decided to try the Tamarind Samosa Burger. This was a pretty good offering. Noting surprising just a couple of small samosas on a bun with some topping including tamarind chutney and cheese. There was just a bit of heat which we enjoyed. One thing I have noticed is that while the Broadway location served us burgers with nicely melted cheese both of the other locations don't seem to get it. Plant based cheese does not melt quite as easily as the dairy stuff and you have to pay attention or you get a piece of cardboard. I put the samosas and cheese in the micro wave oven for a few seconds and voila!...melty cheese.
We've had the Buffalo Chicken Burger before but we seem drawn to it. Its a pretty decent chicken patty with lots of hot sauce, some toppings and the same un melted cheese which I remedied myself. Just a decent vegan option for someone way out in the middle of nowhere.
And finally, we tried the Butter Chick'un Wrap. Again, it provides a pretty good vegan option for someone working out in Delta. We liked the chick'un. It was crispy and as bird like as you could care for and with the butter sauce made for a pretty good wrap.
This location happens to present a rather confusing business model or maybe it was just our timing (local businesses were all closed on Sunday). I would suggest that you call ahead and find out what from the extensive menu is actually available. This is not a fresh from kitchen to table place so don't expect it. Our order took about 10 minutes so we knew a lot of stuff was getting warmed up which is fine. We didn't actually expect linen table cloths and waiters. I hope the Tera V chain is going to keep up the pretty decent standard that we found at their other 2 locations. It's nice to have another vegan option but for God's sake would someone figure out how to melt plant-based cheese?
Food                            3 out of 5
Vegan Options             4 out of 5
Comfort                       NA
Service                         3 1/2 out of 5
Value                            3 out of 5

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