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Saying sando instead of sandwich or resto instead of restaurant is a little like wearing Crocs or flip flops. It's an indication that we have become too lazy to bend over and tie our fucking shoes...That being said, Vancouver Magazine published 9 of the best "sandos" in the city, including Petite Bao's Wagyu Bao. While I no longer advocate for eating dead animal products, I already knew that PB had a few vegan "sandos" on their menu as well. So we made the trip this past Sunday.
I just barely managed to get a picture of the front of their place, at the risk of my life, by stepping out into the street on West 12th, just near MacDonald. Parking is not abundant (street parking on a busy strip)  and since I'm still not up to speed on my new knee, I am more aware of that than usual. Normally I would say, your legs aren't broken, just park and walk. That may apply to you.
There are 4 vegan items on this menu and we ordered them all. Then we started being impressed right away. Brussels Sprouts with Omni Luncheon Meat were amazing! The Brussels Sprouts were cooked perfectly (still a little firm) and nicely garnished with vegan spam, some crispy garlic and a nice vinaigrette. Perfect! We have had the Omni product before (same with the fish) and we were quite impressed. It's a little pricier than actual spam but at least no one had to die and we still enjoy the meaty saltiness of it.
Truffle Fries were next. I had to check that the truffle mayo was indeed vegan and they were able to reassure me. This was also quite delicious. The fries were top-notch and stayed crispy under the assault of mayo (no better than saying resto?), shitakes, crispy shallots, daikon and green onions. Seriously, we were pretty stoked up for this plate of fries!
I've always been team Impossible when it comes to fake meat. Overall, I prefer it when someone puts together their own concoction (mushrooms, walnuts, lentils etc.) but I challenge anyone to tell the difference between Impossible and actual dead cow. In addition to a nicely fried patty, this bao has a wonderful onion jam, shiso, truffle mayo and confit tomatoes. The buns themselves are puffy and soft and very good at soaking up the flavours. This was an amazing sandwich! They have taken some time on the details!
Last up was the Omni Miso Fish Bao. Omni is the brand of the fish and we have had it at Kirin and prepared it at home. It is a strong product and again I challenge anyone to realize that they are not eating fish. The only one who was aware was my cat. She has no interest in plant-based eating. This was served crispy with a miso glaze. Again, the folks here pay attention to detail serving the bao with thinly sliced king oyster mushrooms, arugula, red onion and Furikake mayo. Another masterpiece!
The vegan options here are all amazing. Everything is well thought out, beautifully presented and delicious. It is a lot for what is kind of close to fast food.  I just wish that they had a few more choices! If this place was close to home, I would be there all the time. Our server was also very friendly and attentive. Its hard to find anything wrong with Petite Bao!
Food                           4 1/2 out of 5
Vegan Options           3 1/2 out of 5
Comfort                      4 out of 5
Service                       4 1/2 out of 5
Value                          4 out of 5

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