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We haven't been to a Moxies (or Earls, or Cactus Club or any similar chains) in years. I happened to notice that some of them have evolved their menus ever so slightly and now have some viable vegan options (though most of these places still think that vegetarian is somehow good enough). So we decided to give Moxies a try.

It seems to me that there used to be more Moxies locations but maybe they had some shrinkage like so many other businesses during the pandemic. We ended up at the Langley location which is located at the Sandman Signature Hotel on 200th at Highway 1. Don't miss the entrance which is the last left before you find yourself on the freeway to the valley!
They have basically one vegan starter which was a pretty good guacamole and chips. Not the most creative thing that we have ever seen but in addition to tortilla chips, there were a few taro chips in the mix which made it kind of interesting. The pico de gallo was also tasty and they made the plate pretty with some random cilantro and radish slices. 
We tried their Vegan Thai Curry Laksa which was also OK. Considering that vegan laksa is somewhat of a rarity in Metro Vancouver, it is hard to be too critical as at least they made the effort. It had a nice little kick to it and the coconut flavour was prominent although the broth was a little on the thin side. Sprouts, tofu, noodles etc. rounded it all out and we give it a passing grade.
We thought that the Vegan Lettuce Wrap was decent also. I think of lettuce wrap filling as being a bit smaller/finer for ease of assembly but no huge crises there. They could have drained the lettuce a bit better also but frankly, we've had that problem at Chinese restaurants also. Pleasantly messy and with a nice crunch from wonton chips and decent if not overly memorable flavour, it was a good showing for restaurant trying to cover many bases.
They also have Vegan Black Bean Tacos on their menu. When I see a restaurant menu with a whole vegetarian section and a few vegan items, I feel like they are making an effort but really don't understand the big picture. For many people, vegetarian is a stepping stone on the way to vegan. When vegetarians come to the uncomfortable understanding that there is probably more cruelty and exploitation in the dairy and egg industries than even the meat industry, they move on.
Moxies is a good place to go if you are hanging with carnivores but it is certainly not a vegan destination. I hope they will continue to evolve their menu. I read the suggestion on social media that restaurants should make all their vegetarian items vegan so that the vegans and future vegans could enjoy them but that may be easier said than done
Moxies is a very attractive and comfortable  restaurant with a noisy and fun vibe. It would be a perfect place to come watch a game. Service is very good.
Food                              3 out of 5
Vegan Options              3 out of 5
Comfort                         4 1/2 out of 5
Service                          4 1/2 out of 5
Value                             3 out of 5

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