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For some reason, I had it in my head that there was only one plant-based item on the menu at Rollzzy. It was going to be part of a tour where we hit up a few places that have only an item or two, and still find a way to get our calories! Then, lo and behold, they had a lot of items on their menu that were vegan! Then lo and behold again, they had run out of or didn't have those items! What a roller coaster ride! 

Rollzzy is the newly opened offspring of Dilli Heights Cafe and Bistro which we like very much! So it seemed obvious we should show up at this place.
We ended up ordering 3 Kathi Rolls to go.  These are basically wraps made with flakey wonderful paratha bread. Their menu includes rice bowls and Indian burgers as well but they didn't have the vegan versions the day we were there. They were also out of the noodle roll and the Soya Chaap roll which would have been interesting. We have an excuse to go back!
Lighting on the street was a little unfriendly for my amateurish photography set up although there is a nice place to eat, if you don't mind the traffic, in front of this row of small joints on Robson anchored by Japadog.
So we brought them all home to take some pictures and to be honest, I can't remember which of these is which. What I do remember is that we ordered the Haryali Roll, the Chana Masala Roll and the Aloo Masala Roll. All 3 were somewhat similar but very good. 
They are all variations on a theme. They are all mildly spicy masala or curry or whatever Indian flavours. They are all substantial and cruelty-free. They were also all $9.99 but you can order a combo to make it into a meal for a pretty decent price.
The pains of getting a new place up and running were reflected by the missing menu items but also it seemed, by not enough staff. We weren't in a hurry but our order took quite a long time and the lineup of customers was stretching out the door (maybe too many customers was the cause and benefit of early opening days). At any rate, we will be back to try more. Thanks, folks!
Food                                  4  out of 5
Vegan Options                  3 1/2 out of 5
Comfort                             3 1/2 out of 5
Service                               3 out of 5
Value                                  4 out of 5

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