Highway Cafe Pop Up at To Live For Bakery - All Vegan, All the Time

So this is less of a food review and more of an adventure story....well not really an adventure story either...just a story. Through social media, we learned that Highway Cafe from Pemberton would do a food truck pop-up in front of To Live For Bakery on Nanaimo Street in Vancouver on Sunday from 12 to 8. "We're in", we exclaimed, "it sounds like fun!" We have never actually been to the Highway Cafe (nor even to Pemberton, I am embarrassed to say). So we suited up and showed up at 3 ish!

What we showed up to find was an enormous crowd. I have seen lineups before but a little quick research told us that the wait was 3 hours from getting in line to food! Now I was less annoyed than amazed! The vegan community in Vancouver is clearly not small and that makes us happy! Rumour has it that this will happen again but with different anticipation and organization.
The good news was that while the lineup for the truck was crazy (and I'm sorry but I don't do 3-hour lineups for anything less than Rolling Stones tickets) the wait to get into To Live For was quite manageable. 
So we went inside, ordered a latte, a cute little cupcake and a Pumpkin Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone, and people watched.
While vegan ice cream is not uncommon, we don't see soft serve very often so this was kind of exciting! It was very good!
Since making the plant-based truth known to the people is my chief responsibility, I humbled myself and asked someone else if I could take a picture of their food! LOL. They confirmed that they had waited a total of 3 hours and that the food was delicious. So maybe a trip to Pemberton is in order. I had actually tried to form a group to rent a bus for the field trip when we first arrived and realized the length of the wait!
So it looks to me like a trip to Pemberton is absolutely in order. At the very least, a trip to Whistler should include the 30 minute detour from Whistler to the Highway Cafe!

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