Vegan Festival - Kits Beach - Sept 9, 2023

Well, that was fun! Not only was it a beautiful day in Vancouver but many people showed up for the Vegan Festival at Kits Beach. There were food trucks, vendors, and information galore.

It was an easy transit trip from Burrard Station and Bus 2 to Cornwall and Yew. While the bus was a bit crowded it spared us having to bring our car and struggle with parking and traffic. Nice choice of venue.
We arrived hungry and jumped right to something to eat. I lined up for Lita's Mexican Food while my partner lined up at House of Yee (which was right next to Lita's as you can hardly tell in the first of several crappy photos).
From House of Lee, Mharie got some vegan dumplings and noodles. House of Lee is not a vegan company. In addition to the 2 kinds of plant-based dumplings they served at the festival, they have dumplings with chicken and pork. The good thing is that they are widely available all the way out to Abbotsford. That is, I hope the vegan dumplings are available. I kind of hope the chicken and pork are impossible to find.
From Lita's, I got the combo with a Chipotle Chick'n Taco Salad, cornbread and hibiscus iced tea. It was great and even mildly spicy. The chicken made me pause for a second (you know that, am I eating real chicken moment ?) but I have faith in this all plant-based company and we have tried their products before. The cornbread was very good and just wanted to be bigger. I have never had this type of iced tea and would love to make it.
You may have noticed the metal serving cups and containers. The whole festival was an almost completely non-waste affair and you returned your containers to locations around the site. The advantage was 2 fold as I feel like the servings were larger than what you might usually expect from food trucks and carts. We scored! Check out for info about restaurants which use their containers for delivery.
Anyway, having staved off starvation, we were able to check out some of the many vendors both familiar and unfamiliar before diving back into the eats.
We are big fans of the Plant Curious coupon book and have discovered plant-based eats that we would not have found otherwise. There may be a few more books available even now of this second year, second edition bigger and better book. Also, if someone forces you to go to Toronto, they've got you there too!
The victim of my second crappy photo (sun backlit is terrible) is K So. We have so far been unsuccessful at finding K So in stock at Vegan Supply in Chinatown so we were happy to find her here. Go to YouTubers "Vegan Twosome" to see better pics and a good idea about how to get this amazing new product which will doubtless be available everywhere soon! It is so good! I will be posting nacho pics with K So soon on Insta!
But on to more eats! Nona Vegan markets 5 vegan pasta sauces and to be honest we did not try them but we did try their secret combination of sauces and vegan parm in a dish that was only available for the day!
Their Smoky Mac N Cheese with Garlic Parm was some of the best we have ever had! Seriously, this was just amazing and so smoky!
And then dessert! People seemed to know this man and his Insta shows pics from at least 3 years ago. So he has been around and has a following. We want to be part of it!
And our man was working hard! What he needs is an assistant or another truck as waits were stretching out under the sun (of course the lineups for Chickpea and Veg Out were stupid too!). It was worth the wait in this case.
This was amazing and I have only ever seen it made with dairy, resulting in cruelty and damage to the planet! The same can clearly be done with coconut ice cream and we loved it! Flavoured with strawberry and mango it was refreshing in the heat! We felt a little bad about throwing the coconut bowls away and left them with the "reusable" containers.
Those with a little more self-control when it comes to the food, were able to participate in uplifting activities such as yoga. I was barely able to get up! I'm not sure why we had so much fun here even compared to the Plant-Based Expo. Maybe the casual atmosphere and the beautiful day contributed.
Let's do this again!

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