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My wife is a fan of bubble tea but the whole concept still kind of baffles me. Bubble tea is usually made with dairy products and I guess maybe they use honey sometimes, which is not considered vegan. A large percentage of people, especially in the Asian community are lactose intolerant and many may not even be aware! The pearls, those little tasteless balls are made of tapioca and which to me contribute nothing other than to clog up your straw, are vegan. Anyway, in the tradition of almost everything being available in plant-based form somewhere, we decided to visit Nuttea.

Nuttea is located on West 4rth, just a couple of blocks west of Burrard. We showed up on a Saturday afternoon and they were doing a steady business. There are a couple of small tables outside and window seating inside but really, most orders will be to go.
We decided to try 3 of the drinks from their favorite's list and were able to use a coupon from out Plant Curious Coupon Book so the third was almost free! The first was Oolong Mylk Tea. The mylk (not sure why we are using an alternate spelling...haven't we said coconut milk for decades?) is Nutteas' own signature milk based on 5 nuts that are roasted and cold pressed. There is a lot of emphasis on health here but their website makes it clear that the motivation for nut milk is the cruelty of the dairy industry. Nut milk for the animals! Anyway, we ordered it with low sugar but ended up adding a lot of sugar (alright so Mharie has a sweet tooth) and pearls. I thought it was great but no bubble tea expert am I!
The second and third were both drinks with wonderful nut cream (sort of whipped cream). Both the Grape Tea with Nut Cream and the Earl Grey with Choco Nut Cream, had a sort of special lid for spooning up the cream and we were instructed in the fine art of tasting both the nut cream and the drink before mixing them together. I loved this especially the choco nut cream which was rich and chocolatey without being too sweet.
Clearly Nuttea is a company with a conscience. Started in Hong Kong and having spread to the UK in addition to Vancouver, they have replaced problematic dairy for plant-based people, the lactose intolerant and persons concerned about the planet, but this is delicious for everyone! The folks working here were very helpful and patient with me and my many questions. Well done, Nuttea!
Food                             4 1/2 out of 5
Vegan Options              5 out of 5
Comfort                        4 out of 5
Service                         5 out of 5
Value                            5 out of 5

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