Leopold's Tavern - Vegan Options!

We got so excited when we read about Leopold's Tavern coming to Vancouver, that we almost showed up a week early! In our defense, there were certainly mixed messages on social media and Google was no help as there was no info prior to their opening. Neither do they have a phone number where you could ask someone (I tried calling the Victoria restaurant but no phone!). Fortunately, someone did respond to my Instagram message and let me know before we made the trip from Aldergrove (its not like we wouldn't have found someplace to eat if we arrived to find them not yet open).

Still it turned out to be worth the wait! Located on West Broadway at Fir, this was an easy transit trip that will be even easier when the skytrain extension is completed. We arrived at around 1:30 on their first open Saturday to find the place hopping.
We started with their Plant-Based Wings with Salt and Pepper. At first bite, we both had an "Oh my God! Am I eating dead bird?" moment! I'm not sure what this was but I am leaning towards seitan. These were amazingly crispy and savory. They came with a few veggies and a tremendous vegan ranch. 
The Plant Based Breakfast Sandwich is available all day and you can order it with Poutine (vegan of course). It wouldn't be the healthiest breakfast but for some reason it seemed ok in the afternoon! I think the sandwich was made with Just Egg and the vegan cheddar was excellent. It was melty and rich. Get this: they make their own buns in house! Remember that this is a tavern but they do their own baking! And the buns were very good! The Poutine was also very good with skinny fries that didn't get too soggy while the gravy was salty and "beefy." Too be honest, there could have been more cheese but that is like the only thing that we found to gripe about.
We had to have the Smash Burger with veggies and dip. They used and Impossible Patty which really lends itself to being smashed! More melty cheddar and that great bun with the usual accoutrements (pretty impressive word for a blog, right?). Also more of the amazing ranch! Again, we brought our own containers for our leftovers and my intention was to fill the container with their ranch if there were no other leftovers (there were...we are not gluttons!). 
So the food was amazing but so was the service and surroundings. To start with, under the heading of above and beyond, our server (should have gotten her name!) arranged for the lighting in the back room to be turned up, just for a minute, so I could take a couple of pictures!
Then, there were my endless questions about what they used for the great food! Also, around every corner were the results of a huge effort to create a fun space. Hey! Do I know that guy in the red bow tie from back in the 70s?
The walls and ceiling of the back dining room that we were in were covered in the work of local artist Will Phillips.
Leopold's Taverns are already going concerns in many locations all the way to Manitoba. Their plan is to open more Vancouver locations in the future and we endorse that plan! They could easily ignore the vegan minority and sell lots of beer and regular pub food  but they have stepped up! There are so many more vegan options on the menu that we would like to try. This is a great place!
Food                       5 out of 5
Vegan options        4 1/2 out of 5
Comfort                  4 1/2 out of 5
Service                   5 out of 5
Value                      4 1/2 out of 5


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