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Back in my omnivorous days, I used to go to Memphis Blues Barbeque once in a while. At the time, some of the staff wore T-shirts that said "Vegetarian" inside a circle with a line through it. I thought that was pretty funny at the time! Slim's BBQ seems to have created a barbeque restaurant space where both vegans and non-vegans are catered to! "A cozy joint for vegan and carnivores to enjoy homemade BBQ together." We had to see for ourselves if this was really possible... And is anyone actually still vegetarian these days?

Located in what we have come to call, the Vegan Triangle of Broadway, Main and Kingsway, Slims has indoor and outdoor seating. We arrived Saturday and had our choice so we sat outside at a picnic table and enjoyed the sunshine.
They were still serving brunch so we decided to start with their Slim's Breakfast Tacos.
The vegan version featured Just Egg and Blue Heron Cashew Cheese in addition to a couple of very good salsas and side jalapenos. Each was served with 2 tortillas making it possible to actually pick up the substantial tacos. Really nice!
Admittedly, the only barbeque item that we tried was the Piled High Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich and even then, the jackfruit is not cooked on a barbeque but gets a barbeque sauce treatment. Still, this was a pretty good sandwich and jackfruit again proves to be one of the 'meatiest' things you can eat without killing something. It came with a side and we chose the vegan chili which was pretty tasty.
Finally, we tried the Nashville Hot Chick'n. It was a nice crispy chick'n filet that came with all the fixin's and had just a bit of heat. The vegan slaw that we ordered as a side was crispy and creamy. The only complaint we had were with the sandwich buns which were less than impressive. I blame this on the gluten-free crowd. Not the people who are actually gluten intolerant (a very small group) or those with celiac disease but the crowd of people who think gluten is bad for you when it really isn't! Ask your doctor instead of the internet! As Slim's could not stock regular, vegan and gluten free buns, they decided to stock regular and a gluten free bun which happens to be vegan. The result is that vegans are obliged to endure a sandwich which falls to pieces. Fortunately, we didn't mind finishing our sandwiches with a fork!
Slim's is a place with some character and some friendly helpful staff. There are quite a few more vegan friendly items on the menu that we can see ourselves trying on another visit. Thanks Slim's for making a place to bring people together!
Food                                 4 out of 5
Vegan Options                  4 1/2 out of 5
Comfort                             4 out of 5
Service                              4 out of 5
Value                                 4 out of 5

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