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Ogenki Sushi Fusion has been on our list for a long time but the temptation of using another coupon from our Plant Curious Plant Based Deals Book is what finally got us here. Located in another vegan restaurant nest on Main Street, near E. 28th (Chickpea adjacent) we arrived just after opening time and had our choice of seats. 

OSF has a whole separate printed (or online) menu that is strictly vegan and we love that! There are so many fewer annoying questions for the staff that way.
Our server was quite enthusiastic about the Vegan Beef Teriyaki Roll and she was not wrong. The "beef" (which makes another appearance later) was quite amazing. The texture was almost a little to close for comfort to real beef but the teriyaki flavour was the stand out. It was quite delicious and this was my favourite roll.
I initially rejected the Philly Roll suggestion as I have always rejected cream cheese in Japanese food as it is just too un Japanese to be acceptable. Then I realized that vegan sushi is a bit of an un Japanese thing to start with so why am I being a snob? Too be honest, it was really tasty! It was fatty and creamy and nicely offset by a little wasabi. The Ogenki Roll was Mharie's favourite with yam tempura, more vegan cream cheese and fine and crispy potato shoe strings on top.
We had to try their Vegan Crab Oshi. This was another creamy and rich sushi item and even included the typical torching and jalapeno.  It did not however taste too much like crab. That's not necessarily a bad thing as it was still a nice experience between the textures and the Aburi sauce (mayo forward).
We tried a couple of nigiri pieces as it seems that all the vegan sushi places like to create vegan tuna and salmon nigiri. You can see from the photo that they looked amazing! The salmon (carrot) was pretty good although no one would mistake it for actual salmon. The tuna on the other hand was straight-up tomato. It was not a bad thing but if you measure success by approximation to tuna, it fails. I think tomato nigiri should be its own thing!
Finally (and guaranteeing that we would have leftovers to go), we tried one of the vegan Bento Boxes. This one feature more Teriyaki Beef with sides of tempura, rice, cucumber maki and a salad. A very good deal at $16.95 and gave us a taste of their very good tempura.
Ogenki seems to occupy 2 spaces and I'm not sure why they keep the wall in the middle. Maybe it is load-bearing! Still it was comfy enough and our server was enthusiastic and helpful. There are a lot more items on this vegan menu to try and we will try to get back some day. Our Plant Based Deals coupon got us one free special tool which was a pretty good deal!
Food                                 4 out of 5
Vegan choices                  5 out of 5
Comfort                            3 1/2 out of 5
Service                             4 1/2 out of t
Value                                4 out of 5

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