Vegan Foodie Festival - Chilliwack

While, I'm guessing, most of the vegans from Metro Vancouver headed north to Squamish for the vegan festival there, we chose to head east to the first Vegan Foodie Festival in Chilliwack! I wouldn't really have pegged Chilliwack as a hotbed of veganism but it is the one year anniversary of The Veganist, a decent vegan supply store in the downtown area. They are the ones who organized this small festival in the hopes of drawing more people to a better way of life for themselves, the animals and the planet.

The festival happened at Central Community Park on Young Street just north of the city centre. Highlights included plant based food trucks, vendors and booths representing various vegan resources and a line up of speakers.
We had the privilege of listening to these women tell the story of BFFBC (Ban Fur Farms BC) including some successes and the work they have yet to do. The good news is there is room for all of us to participate. It seems that while the mink farming industry is being shut down in BC, fur farming of other animals such as foxes and chinchillas is sneaking in to take its place! My questions is who the fuck still buys furs? Why is it necessary to fight an industry that should be shut down due to its own despicable nature? Well, I guess we still have big tobacco so I shouldn't be so surprised. Follow them on social media! They are gutsy and brash in their tactics because that is what is necessary if no one listens!
Food trucks included Veg Out. The people of Chilliwack seemed willing to line up for an hour for delicious deep fried plant based goodies (and more). We have enjoyed the Veg Out experience in the past and so decided to try a local plant-based food truck that often is found hanging out in Veddar Crossing (check their website).
Stormy's Food Truck is known for their fruit smoothies and smoothie bowls, which was perfect for what turned out to be a pretty nice day! Bear in mind that the imminent danger of brain freeze always looms!
We tried a smoothie and a bowl and remembered that our Plant-Based Coupon Book had us covered! The Dragon Z bowl actually featured dragon fruit and pineapple with the toppings featuring their Rawnola which was delicious. The Berry Yummy Smoothie featured blueberries, bananas and strawberries and was also wonderful as you might guess. Remember to eat these slowly!
Among the other interesting vendors, we found La Bakeria Bakeshop which features Mexican inspired plant based baking. Unfortunately, they were sold out of product but we will track them down at their commissary kitchen located on Industrial Avenue in Vancouver, or at one up their upcoming market appearances. Check out their social media as well.
Just a block away and around a corner is The Veganista, Chilliwack's own vegan grocery store. They have a lot of variety and a lot of product here! Yes, of course they are a little pricey but specialty stores always are and you don't want to drive to Vancouver just to save a dollar. Before you say, eating vegan is so expensive, remember that we shop for some of these products when we want to treat ourselves (although they have some harder to find vegan necessities). Eating plant based can be quite inexpensive as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes are cheap compared to what you might spend on meat. Just another reason to go vegan! Thanks for the festival, you guys!

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