Edible Flours - Vegan Bakery

Once you start looking for it, it is surprising how many bakeries are either fully plant-based (as EF) or at least have options. That's not to say that we need more baked treats but it's nice to know that they are out there. Located on West Broadway near Arbutus, Edible Flours is only one bus from Commercial Street Station.

Admittedly, it is again about the opportunity to use our Plant-Based Deals book that brought us to Edible Flours. That, of course, is the point of the book namely to get us to places that we have not been and we were ultimately glad that we visited.
When we think bakery, we are inclined to think sweet rather than savoury which is just not the case. While the Apple Sticky Bun was amazing, and full of apple and cinnamon, the Spinach Artichoke Roll was very tasty as well. They seem to have their vegan cheese game well in hand and it contributed greatly to this pastry. Main course and dessert on one plate!
Mharie is a big fan of the Starbucks lemon bar (not vegan) so we thought we should try the EF Blueberry Lemon Bar for comparison. Guess what? Edible Flours is a hands-down winner! Never mind the fact that, beyond black coffee, Starbucks doesn't seem to have much interest in vegans. This was a moist and tasty cake with delicious lemon icing. Very nice!
There is a plant-based Nanaimo Bar available here but our server told us that the Smores Bar is her favourite so we tried that. This was indeed rich and wonderful. The challenge for the bakers here was to produce marshmallows that are plant-based and of course, the choice of chocolate and they have nailed it on both fronts. Well done Edible Flours!
EF is in a nice airy space and you can watch the bakers in the back if you choose. They also have some outside tables. The staff were friendly and even told us that they are busy exploring their Plant-Based Deals book!
Food                        4 out of 5
Vegan Options         5 out of 5
Comfort                    4 out of 5
Service                     4 out of 5
Value                        4 out of 5

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