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For Calabash Bistro, location, location, location does not necessarily apply. Located on Carrall Street between East Hastings and East Pender, it's not what I would call a dangerous area but on the other hand, I would not choose to loiter here, especially after dark. Have we not got a plan yet to help the unfortunate and mentally ill in our community? I mean beyond clearing the tents off of East Hastings? It's not a simple problem, I realize, but it's not a new problem either. And while it might be more important and responsible for me to address the social problems, we are only really here for the food which at the moment seems kind of shallow. At least I feel that by emphasizing the vegan options, we are providing some sort of socially conscientious service.  At any rate, we approached Calabash Bistro from East Pender (having debarked skytrain at Chinatown Station) and that's what we would recommend, rather than using East Hastings.
We arrived at 5 when they opened and found that there was already a large gang seated inside. Apparently, these folks just arrived out of the blue and so Calabash showed them hospitality by seating them a few minutes before opening. I wouldn't expect anything different. Our server was kind enough to slip our order in ahead of the big groups which probably served to keep our evening rolling. We found that to be a nice gesture!
There is not a ton on the menu that is plant-based and I'm not sure how you would even do a Jerk dish (with tofu maybe? I will be trying to figure that out at home) but what they do have is comforting and substantial. We started with the Hearty Vegan Soup. It was a rich blend of assorted vegetables in a coconut curry broth. Definitely recommended!
The Vegetarian Platter has a vegan option. Another comforting plate with a very good slaw, curry roasted potatoes, zucchini and I'm not sure what else, as well as rice and black-eyed peas. There were also fried plantains, of the hearty substantial variety (rather than French fry style). This is what I imagine Jamaican vegan home cooking might be.
We also tried the Vegan Roti Stack. This was largely more of the same but with roti. Again, substantial and comforting with veggies including plantain and spinach and the very good slaw on the side. The roti itself was nicely chewy and seemed to be of the many-layered type rather than a pancake. Very nice.
So we very much enjoyed our meal and took quite a bit of it home. As you can see the portions were quite generous. We would have enjoyed a little more variety but it seems vegans can't be choosers. We loved this dining room complete with its Hendrix poster. The soundtrack was island-leaning as you may guess and very enjoyable. While we did not listen to any Bob Marley songs, we did get introduced to music from his grandson Skip! 
Food                      4 out of 5
Vegan Options       3 out of 5
Comfort                 4 out of 5
Service                  4 1/2 out of 5
Value                     4 out of 5

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