Wild Trails Coffee - Vegan Cafe

The all-in vegan joints are few and far between compared to places that provide a few vegan options. Don't get me wrong; I appreciate that whoever is in charge is at least thinking about people who choose to eat plant-based for the planet's sake and because they have decided not to have their dinner murdered. When though, someone has the morals to choose not to serve animal products at all, I admire them greatly.

Located on 14th Street E just a block or 2 east of Lonsdale, WTC's website recommends some documentaries, most available on Netflix that will change your mindset if you are open-minded. The website certainly gave us an idea of what we would find when we showed up. Inside this cozy, eclectically decorated cafe you will find coffee, baked goods, sandwiches and smoothies that got there with zero animal cruelty involved!
We started with some very good coffee and tried a breakfast sandwich that was also very good. It seems like vegan cheese is getting better day by day and that to me is the most important element when you take your "mcmuffin" plant-based. In addition to the cheese and English Muffin, there was tofu egg and a vegan pepperoni (or similar) which has my mouth watering even now. All finished in a press, this was definitely worthwhile!
We also ordered a Panini (sorry...panino) but somehow, my picture is terrible....need to check that more carefully. So I have posted a second pic of the breakfast sandwich. The panino was vegan turkey with cheese and tomatoes on ciabatta and toasted. It was also very good being warm and melty and the turkey had some decent flavour. I could eat those for lunch regularly (or the breakfast sandwich for that matter).
In addition to really good coffee and sandwiches, WTC will whip up a smoothie for you or serve baked goods from To Live For or Bonus Bakeries.
There is a window bar and a few stools or comfy chairs where you can enjoy your goodies and coffee and another one outside if the weather is nice. Just one thing, our hostess told us that at least once a day someone is rude to her because she runs a plant-based business. We feel like that is disgusting behavior that we would otherwise attribute to narrow minded people with MAGA hats but should not be a part of our Canadian culture. Grow up! In  the meantime, we will be back when we are on the North Shore.
Food                             4 out of 5
Vegan options               5 out of 5
Comfort                        4 out of 5
Service                         4 1/2 out of 5
Value                            4 1/2 out of 5 

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