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The only thing wrong with Veggie Grill is the name. It sounds a little like a shopping mall food court joint that serves wraps. The reality is quite different as you will see! Located on 4th near Pike, we expected a little fast food place with a few window seats but ended up in what must have been a Chinese restaurant at some point.

Download the menu onto your phone or grab a paper copy, try to make up your mind and then order and pay at the front corner. Your food will be delivered to your table soon. If this place was closer to us, we would be back frequently and try everything on the menu (because everything is plant-based!). In the short term, we could only try so much.
We started with a couple of Baja-style Fish Tacos despite the fact that we had a bunch of tacos for lunch. Mharie, my wife and our fish expert declared these to be solid. Slightly oceany flavour with fish texture, crispy fried and nicely set up with all the fixin's on corn tortillas, these were some of the best we've had (warning: more superlatives to come).
Next up was the best vegan Reuben that I have ever had! The "meat" was probably soy-based but nicely spiced like pastrami would be and sliced thinly, the cheese was quite good and melty while the bread and saurekraut are vegan naturally. This sandwich made me very happy! The mac and cheese side was maybe not so cheesy as far as flavour (could have used nutritional yeast) but the texture was pleasant. It was a tasty dish and did not go to waste!
Finally, we ordered a Korean Kimchi Beef Bowl. Mharie was not as impressed as I with the "beef" but the overall bowl was fairly impressive. Lots of decent kimchi, some roasted sweet potato, nice greens and rice as well as some spice and not a small serving! Only $14 and a meal unto itself!
And free Chocolate Chip Cookies! They were a little chewier than we expected so maybe that's why they were free but we ate them!
Maybe this photo kind of shows why I assume this was a Chinese restaurant at one time. Anyway, very comfortable and lots of room for the weekday workers who want to eat a cruelty free lunch. Friendly folks (one recommended the Asada Fries and I regret not trying them), fairly quick service and lots of choices. Our little order alone should indicate the breadth of this menu! Something for everyone! 
Food                      4 out of 5
Vegan options       5 out of 5
Comfort                 4 out of 5
Service                  4 out of 5
Value                     4 out of 5

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