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Veganized pizza comes in several possible levels of effort. There is the vegan pizza where removing everything of animal origin is the only option. If you ordered a meat lovers pizza (and I know you wouldn't) veganized, it would arrive at your table as a pie crust with tomato sauce. The next level (lets call it level 1) is when the pizzeria at least has vegan cheese on hand. If you ordered that same meat lovers pizza, it would arrive as pie crust, tomato sauce and vegan cheese! Level 2 is where a pizzeria has vegan sausage or pepperoni available in addition to the vegan cheese. I think you can picture that. Level 3 is an all vegan pizzeria or at least there is a separate menu of vegan pizzas, where they serve creative pizzas which originate as vegan and you aren't obliged to ask endless questions about what is on your pie. Notable places in that category include Pizzeria Grano, Virtuous Pie and believe it or not, Panago!

Pizza Knight is fairly close to us, at the corner of Fraser Highway and 64th in Langley, and has a very cool name! They also have some vegan options. They are a level 1 vegan pizza place and the menu says that you can order any pizza as vegan for an extra $3. We decided to give them a try. After learning in a phone conversation that vegan cheese is what they are counting on, we realized that the only real options for vegan pizza, is to start with a veggie pizza and go from there. 
We started with the Baked Vegetable Stuffed Samosas after clarifying that they are made with oil and not ghee. They come with a side of chutney according to the menu but ours were delivered with sweet Thai chili sauce. Still, they were pretty good samosas and baked seems like a good option as they were not greasy!
We ordered 2 medium pizzas. The first was the Veggie Taco Pizza. Making it vegan meant only switching out the Mozzarella to vegan cheese. It was not a bad pizza and the cheese was melty (our main criteria is certainly melty cheese). Not sure if I would call it taco though. The lettuce on top was fairly sad and the salsa not identifiable. It came with sour cream on the side which was decidedly not vegan. I kind of expect tortilla chips and refried beans on a veggie taco pizza but there was none of that. So, it was not a bad pizza, just not very taco!
We also ordered a vegan Spicy Veggie Pizza. This was at least a little more true to its label. It was nicely spicy with banana and jalapeno peppers. The crusts of both pizzas were decent although I notice that they do not have options (well, keto and gluten free but I will decline to comment on that) on the crust. This was a decent vegan pizza. There are a at least a couple of other pizzas on the menu that might nicely survive the leap to vegan.
They have a few tables here in a room that is decorated with warm wood and nice lighting(I was not expecting that).  They even have a wine list and full bar so rather than just being another take out pizza joint, you really could enjoy their hospitality by dining in. The folks we met were friendly and accommodating and patient with my many questions. We appreciate that they have at least made some effort to accommodate the plant based eaters. Their prices are more than decent, btw.
Food                       3 out of 5
Vegan options        3 out of 5
Comfort                  3 1/2 out of 5
Service                   4 out of 5
Value                      3 1/2 out of 5

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