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The last time we visited Chickpea was in 2018. Not much seems to have changed. They still have a very creative vegan menu, and serve generous portions. The space is homey and a little quirky and they are very busy, at least at Sunday brunch time. Located on Main Street near 28th, I would call this few blocks of Main, vegan restaurant row. I am envious of anyone who lives near here. So we made a reservation and showed up on Sunday morning. Chickpea offers a brunch and dinner menu with DOV options to match. The brunch offering is $28 for beverage, main and dessert.

For one of our mains, we chose the Latke Benechick. The latkes themselves got lost in this mountain of tasty food but when you could locate them, they were crispy and earthy. Beyond that, we chose the carrot 'lox' and for a $4 adder, the mushroom bacon. The bacon was one of those things where we said to ourselves, "Wait! Are we eating meat?" The eggs were tofu based and somehow creamy and egglike in a way we have not experienced before (at least since I stopped eating eggs). With a nice side salad, we ended up taking home half of all our food!
Next up was the Malawach. Not sure what the hell the name means but this was based on a puff pastry pancake! Topped with too many things to name them all but there was a pretty good sausage, avocado, sweet potato, hummus and tahini. With a side salad again and really good home fries this was another mountain of comforting and satisfying vegan eats!
There were actually 2 different Baklavas and we tried one of each. They looked exactly the same so I have only posted one picture but the flavour of each was subtly different. Both were delicious and served with a side of vegan whipped cream!
Chickpea has only been around since 2017 but it still feels like an institution. It has a vegan vibe that makes me feel optimistic about the future of the planet! The servers are friendly and efficient but nicely casual. As mentioned, we took like half of our food home for later so generous and well-priced is one of the standards here. 
Food                             4 out of 5
Vegan options              5 out of 5
Comfort                        4 out of 5
Service                         4 1/2 out of 5
Value                            5 out of 5


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