Dirty Vegan Food Truck - No Meat May

I've been looking forward to No Meat May (Google it)! I always feel great eating vegan and the fact that a bunch of other people are doing the plant-based thing and Instagramming about it seems to make it a little easier and lends a sense of community (like the Canucks in their crazy run for the playoffs)! We knew about the Dirty Vegan Foodtruck as they are based in Langley near our friends at Mr. Siopao. It turned out that they were going to be set up at the White Rock Farmers Market on Sunday the first of May so off we went.

The distinctive pink truck was set up this nice sunny morning and there was a decent crooner nearby who was also taking part in the market. So we listened to him sing some old John Cougar Mellancamp tunes while we enjoyed our lunch. The menu is short and sweet at DV so we ordered a couple of burgers and poutine.
Full marks on the Dirty Poutine! The fries were crispy and decent as you would expect but the gravy and cheese (usually non-vegan items) were very good. The gravy was rich and savoury (or umami as we feel we have to say these days) and maybe mushroom-based? I am just guessing on that but it was very good. The cheese melted well and that is the star quality of good plant-based cheese.
Mharie spotted the Dirty Hawaiian Burger and ordered that. She is big on pineapple but this one came with banana peppers and more of that excellent melty cheese. The star of this burger has to be the Impossible Patty. I have been a cheerleader of Impossible Foods (of course, I picked Beta over VHS also) vs Beyond Meat since their product came on the market. The patties get a much better char and are much closer to actual meat, in my humble opinion. This may not be an attractive trait to many vegans but they wouldn't be ordering burgers then, would they?
We also tried the Dirty Portabello. This time, in case it's not obvious, the patty was a grilled portabello. Once again and as always, it's the condiments and extras that really make the burger although a portabello brings some meaty, savouriness to the party. Nice melty cheese, pickled and caramelized onions, tomato and lettuce as well as their secret dirty sauce all contribute to a decent burger. By the way, the buns were pretty good as well. 
The name Dirty is a reminder that plant-based eating doesn't have to be clean (clean eating is another silly food trend). I always say that every plant-based restaurant should have a deep fryer. Just because you're eating cruelty-free doesn't mean you need to be a skinny hippy from the 60s. Enjoy some fries with your meal!
Food             4 out of 5
Comfort        well, it was a nice sunny day
Service         4 out of 5
Value            4 out of 5

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