India's Most Wanted - 2nd visit

When IMW first opened, we tried some take-out one evening (it's an Indian restaurant, right?) but the manager, Gurmukh was quite anxious that we try their dine-in experience to really appreciate what they do. We loved the take out and so finally this evening, we were back and became true fans of India's Most Wanted.

Located on Fraser Highway, just west of downtown (not too difficult to find anything in our little hamlet) Aldergrove, a reservation could be in order on a Saturday evening.
We started off with a couple of items from their Shuruaat Snacks menu, the first of which was available for dine-in only, the Fully Loaded Gol Gappe. This is a small hollow crisp round bread filled with a delicious creamy mixture of potato, yogurt and chutney! Our attentive server and manager, Gurmukh, ensured that we understood to eat each one as a whole bite (like sushi) rather than try to take a bite. He was absolutely correct as the creamy mixture inside exploded with flavour and complexity. All I can say is that this is not to be missed!
Also, at Gurmukh's recommendation, we had the Gunpowder Prawns. Gunpowder is a spice mix usually with chillies and curry leaves. It was not overly spicy although the seasoning was definitely noticeable in the batter of the prawns themselves. They were served in shooter glasses with 3 sauces, namely mango, jalapeno and the chef's secret. It was so good that we allowed ourselves to scoop the remaining sauce with a spoon after consuming the deep-fried prawns. Excellent!
The variety and extent of the menu makes the decision making process a bit challenging but we managed to land on the Bengali Fish Curry. This was a mild but flavourful curry with coconut and cumin and a generous amount of basa.
Again with our new best friend and advisor's help, we ordered the Railway Mutton Curry. Though mutton can be tough, this was definitely not. Developed for the delicate palettes of the British Raj, this is not an overly challenging dish but still complex and delicious and leaning towards the tomatoey end of the spectrum. We would order it again but there are too many tempting things on this menu!
Of course, no Indian meal is complete without basmati rice and naan. The Garlic Naan here is amazing.
A lot of the food went into to-go containers as, while we were tempted to just keep eating, we definitely wanted some room to try a dessert! Rasmalai is flattened discs of a soft mild cheese covered in a thickened milk sauce and flavoured with cardamom.
It was light and wonderful!
Mharie and I have been to so many Indian restaurants! We love Indian food and love to explore the regional differences and I can say that I've never had Indian food that I didn't like! Still, we came to the unanimous conclusion that India's Most Wanted is our new absolute favourite!
The prices are reasonable. It is very comfortable and quite beautiful in the dining room! The staff are all, professional, informed and so friendly and attentive! And the kitchen works magic! We do not hesitate to highly recommend this excellent restaurant!
Food               5 out of 5
Comfort          5 out of 5
Service           5 out of 5
Value              5 out of 5


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