Taco Nori Sushi Tacos

OK, so I didn't realize this was a take-out only place. I guess I should read more carefully. My first real clue was looking for the front door. I thought that maybe we were arriving at a rave.

As soon as I figured out that a table for 2 was not going to be available (ever), I got on my phone and placed an order which did not take too long (maybe 20 minutes). They were good enough to bring our order out to our car as we waited across the street in a no-parking zone. You could be smarter than me and order on line and get a time to pick up at 118 West 6th!
It doesn't get any more basic than an order of chips although in this case, they are Nori Chips. These crispy seaweed chips are coated in tempura batter and some Cajun seasonings. Pretty basic but we liked them!
We ordered a side dish of Chicken Karaage because, well we always do. Not bad as Karaage goes and served with a nice dipping sauce.
The main event here of course is tacos. We ordered a few including 1 Salmon Nori Taco, 1 Tuna and 1 California Nori Taco. The fish was quite good as you would expect from sushi-grade product. Sushi rice with their soy sauce mix,  sesame seeds and cucumber rounded out the first 2 while the CR taco had the traditional CR ingredients. We thought that these were all pretty good. The shells are great being just a bit crunchy with the familiar seaweed flavour.
I liked the idea of the Aburi Salmon Nori Taco. Of course, I like anything with massago as well. I feel like overall this was a success but to be honest the salmon sort of got lost in the whole. It feels like, at least in this case, Aburi Salmon should remain nigiri and not taco.
We certainly had no complaints about the Chicken Karaage Nori Taco. This was the same tasty chicken as above but with the nice shell and sauce.
So overall, we like the sushi taco concept. The ingredients are roughly the same as nigiri, just arranged differently. No one is suggesting that it should replace nigiri it is just different. Maybe the ingredients don't stand on their own as well and end up being more of a melange. That's not a bad thing. If I sound like I'm trying to convince myself of something then that is probably true. Taco Nori Sushi Tacos is unique in what they offer and we enjoyed it well enough. You should try it and decide for yourself. Just don't go expecting to dine in!
Food                 3 1/2 out of 5
Comfort            NA
Service             4 out of 5
Value                3 1/2 out of 5

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