Mary's on Davie

Mharie and I are keen on diner fare and have wanted to try Mary's on Davie for some time.  Mary's is one of those iconic places that has been around forever at the cultural centre of Davie Village. We finally made it early on a Saturday evening and were seated right away. I have the feeling that this place gets rolling and entertaining as the evening moves along but sadly we missed most of that. We still enjoyed its "festive" decor and a soundtrack that I would call Donna Summer's MacArthur Park adjacent! It felt like a party even before everyone arrived!

Supply chain issues meant that we were not able to try their Deep Fried Pickles but that seemed to be the only interruption to the regular menu.
I had been craving a burger for a couple of days and the Mary's Burger with bacon hit the spot. This was actually a very good burger with a decent bun and nicely dressed. I would order it again for sure. The onion rings on the side were also really good and were served with a sort of tartar sauce.  They were nicely crisp and saltyand the onion was just cooked. The burger usually comes with fries so we paid a couple of extra bucks to substitute the o rings.
Mharie had the Chicken and Waffles. MD serves quite a few breakfasts (like this one) all day and others just for part of the day. It came with a small mountain of very nice hash browns. The chicken itself was brilliantly moist and tender with a crispy crust. The waffles were also pretty good. On top was a slice of compound butter with chipotle. The butter could have been a little softer and meltier as it was a little on the too solid side. Still, overall this was another winner. 
Of course,  there are a lot of tempting desserts to be had also but we failed to leave room. Our server was friendly and funny and the kitchen was on top of things. We're not drinkers but the bar here seems pretty well stocked and would be a great place to hang out. According to their website, Mary's is a place where everyone is a little bit Mary!
Food               4 out of 5
Comfort          4 1/2 out of 5
Service           4 1/2 out of 5
Value              4 out of 5

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