Egg Bomb

I had kind of dismissed Egg Bomb as a social media opportunity kind of place but with not so much substance as their various less photogenic food producing neighbours. And yet, there we were! While it is true that EB was blowing up Instagram for a while with pretty sandwiches and breakfast dishes, we found that there were actually some pretty good eats to be had here.

Located at Fraser Highway and 203rd in Langley, we arrived to a full house on Saturday morning at about 10:30 but managed to get seats at the window bar. Don't be surprised if you have to leave your name and wait for a table during the morning hours. They are pretty popular.
It seems like a healthy enough idea to start the day with a salad. The Smoked Salmon and Cheese Salad came with a healthy portion of really decent smoked fish. In addition, the dressing which was a sort of combination of ranch and apple sauce (according to the menu) was pleasantly sweet and complimented the feta, fish and a nice selection of greens.
I think we ended up ordering the Avo in Love Toast. It was also a salad experience with a couple of nicely soft boiled eggs and Hollandaise. I have read some articles lately suggesting that avocados are causing some environmental crises but until everyone is off beef, I will not be eschewing avocados. Another nice dish!
Finally, EB's most Instagram-able product is the sandwich and they have quite a selection! They come in a cute little box and wrapped in paper which helps to maintain the sandwich shape until you chose to set it free! We ordered the Grilled Prawn Sandwich which was less a grilled prawn sandwich and more of an egg sandwich with a skewer of tasty grilled prawns with yogurt sauce on top. After we awkwardly shared 3 prawns, the scrambled egg and Hollandaise sandwich was still quite enjoyable. Big white toasted bread just as you would expect. Not too bad!
Not surprisingly, EB offers an infinite selection of coffees, teas, juices and ades. I thought that the regular black coffee was not terrible and Mharie enjoyed her Caramel Machiatto!
It's a nice room that could afford to be larger. There is outdoor seating as well. The staff are very friendly and the service is good. I should learn not to prejudge a place based on their Instagram!
Food                3 out of 5
Comfort           3 out of 5
Service            3 1/2 out of 5
Value               3 out of 5

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