Fable Diner - Le Burger Week

Another Saputo sponsored Le something Week. We don't mind as we like cheese and so far, no great scandals have dogged Saputo to my knowledge. Dairy is not helping the planet and eventually, we may have to give it up but there are many other areas that we can concentrate on to reduce our carbon footprints in the meantime. Anyway, this may be our only stop on the Le Burger Week trail but we like to participate at least a little bit in food people events. And also, we have kind of wanted to try Fable Diner!

Located at the corner of Broadway and Main, the chewed-up streetscape (Skytrain work, I believe) made it a little hard to get a 'front of the store' photograph. The best that I could do was the welcome mat. We arrived at an odd hour of the early afternoon, to a reservation that we didn't really need and were seated in a comfy booth in the chic classic diner. While navigating their website to make said reservation, we signed up for notifications which entitled us to a free milkshake!
This was a ridiculously great milkshake. Banana and Vanilla (or vice versa), it was obviously made on an old-timey milkshake machine as the overflow came in the metal cup! The banana and vanilla were accompanied by some sort of caramelly sauce, whipped cream, and Frosted Flakes! It was so rich and amazing! So then, as things worked out, we started then with our desert!
FD's entry for Le Burger Week is the Pizza Burger. This is a smash burger with pepperoni, pizza sauce, and mozzarella. The burger patty was perfectly cooked with crispy extremities and beefy taste. It turned out to be a pretty impressive sandwich. We ordered a rosti instead of fries on the side which was a good choice. I'm not quite sure how they make it but a mold is clearly involved. Really tasty!
We didn't realize that Triple D (featuring Chad Kroeger!) had visited FD but they had. We ordered the Roast Duck Pancake (and watched the DDD episode later) which was quite impressive overall. The duck was on the gamey side (which it often is) and kind of crossed up the balance of flavours a little bit. In the DDD episode, the chef added some hoisin to the duck and we are quite sure that it did not happen with our dish. We are certain that hoisin would have balanced things out just a little better. Still, this was a creative and beautiful dish.
Finally, we had a side of Corn Fritters. Served with a chipotle dipping sauce, we really enjoyed them. They were crispy on the outside and not too dense with a little spice from somewhere!
This is a sharply decorated and comfortable space. Service is friendly and our food arrived quickly (although we were almost the only ones there in the middle of the afternoon). So this will be our only Le Burger Week post but check online and see if there is anything that you would like to try from the participants. We can recommend the Pizza Burger and Fable Diner
Food                  4 out of 5
Service              4 1/2 out of 5
Comfort             4 out of 5
Value                 4 out of 5

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