Zaatar w Zeit and Imagine Van Gogh

We went to and enjoyed greatly, Imagine Van Gogh at the Vancouver Convention Centre. We are not art experts but everyone knows a little about Van Gogh and in the first stage of the exhibit, you have an opportunity to read about his troubled life and career. By the time we got to the actual exhibit room, we were already feeling a little sad for this man who seemed to know so little joy in his life. In the actual exhibit, we were treated to floor-to-ceiling (including the floor) projections of his paintings. Sometimes one painting would be displayed all around us and other times various pictures/paintings were displayed on different screens.

The constantly changing exhibit lasted about 45 minutes and was accompanied by a sympathetic variety of classical music from Bach to Schubert to the tunes Flower Duet and Aquarium. It made for a moving and beautiful experience that I would recommend.
BTW, the Don Maclean song is called "Vincent" and not Starry Starry Night and no, they did not play it. Stay clear of the gift shop.
We emerged peckish, as we often do, and made our way to Zaatar w Zeit on Granville.
The Granville Street location is Canada's one and only while this chain seems to be thriving in the Middle East. We could not ask for a better recommendation than that.
ZwZ is a counter service place and has a surprising amount of comfortable seating. They deliver your order to your table when it is ready.
From the ready-to-go section, we grabbed a jar of Tarator (just tahini with lemon juice) that would make to trip home with us.
Not that we're big fans of wraps but we love Halloumi so we ordered the Halloumi Bacon Wrap which turned out to be a winner. It also included tomato and mayo wrapped in oat flatbread. All of the flatbread here is house-made and baked when you order it. It was quite impressive.
Next up was the Classic Zaatar Manousheh. Zaatar is a sesame seed concoction with sumac and oil which is quite delicious. Combined with their excellent flatbread, you have a great snack for only $4.99!
Finally, we tried one of their flatbread pizzas. The Mediterranean was a mix of cheeses, olives, peppers and very good olive oil, topped with arugula. Even though this was more bread, it seemed to be on the light and fresh side. Very nice!
Somehow, we seemed to eat only bread (which was fine) but these guys have some really interesting salads and soups and evidently pretty decent coffee as well.
Lebanese street food is not uncommon in Vancouver but we were impressed with this place. It is friendly, light and spacious and you can eat somewhat healthily. We always love the interesting flavours that Middle Eastern cuisine provides and at pretty reasonable prices. You could definitely do worse for lunch or dinner in the downtown core.
Food                  4 out of 5
Service              4 out of 5
Comfort             4 out of 5
Value                 4 out of 5

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