The Peri Peri Shack

We have a couple of chains around Metro Vancouver that specialize in Peri Peri Chicken. The Peri Peri Shack is a more casual variation on that theme specializing more in take-out than dine-in (although they have a couple of tables).  

Located on Kingsway at Fraser, we phoned in an order and it was ready to go upon our arrival! That was not as easy as it sounds as we never use Door Dash or the other delivery services but the PPS website is glitchy as hell and we had trouble getting it to display the menu. Still, we persevered!
This was another take-out effort and we found that the grilled chicken offerings travelled well! Admittedly, our reason for visiting in the first place was that PPS was participating in the Vanfoodster's Best Chicken Wing Challenge. So we ordered their challenge entry wings, which are right off the regular menu. They come in all of the available flavours (as does all the chicken on the menu) and we choose mango. Check out their website to see all their flavours It was not spicy but the mango flavour was definitely there and very pleasant. The basic chicken is flame-grilled (as I am sure that you have figured out) and the sauces are added post-cooking. It works well. If you are looking for heat and flavour (Mango does not come hot), we noticed that they packed a container of their hot sauce which will certainly suffice to blow your head off. These were very good wings. The meat was moist and tasty and we liked the sauce.
If you don't like flame-grilled chicken, you will be lost here. That being said, don't assume that this is the amateur home barbeque hour. They do an excellent job. We also ordered a quarter chicken meal with their Citrus and Herb sauce. Again, very impressive, both the meat and the sauce. We ordered it with slaw which came in a fairly generous portion.
We tried one other side dish, the Mac and Cheese. We found this to be a good step above the usual half-hearted effort that one often gets at fast food joints. It was full-on cheesy with a nice sprinkling of parmesan or some close relative.
So we haven't picked a Best Wings Challenge winner yet as there are a few more places to try, but we were pleasantly surprised by The Peri Peri Shack! They don't do a lot of different things here but they do chicken very well. 
Food               3 1/2 out of 5
Comfort         3 out of 5
Service           4 out of 5 (friendly and our order was on time)
Value              4 out of 5 (decent pricing)

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