Henry's Hip Eats

So advertising often pays off. The Daily Hive has a "Featured On The Dished Guide" advertising section which changes often (I assume). I noticed Henry's Hip Eats in that advertising. I would not have heard of them otherwise. And then once I saw the ad, I was hooked. It sounded...well, hip. Next, I looked at the menu and then I was really hooked. So we went searching for them and found them camped out next to Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby.

Henry's features Vietnamese-style eats but definitely leaning towards fusion. We ordered a couple of boxes cw sides and took them home.
First was the All Day Brunch Box. It started with a lemongrass fried chicken sandwich complete with a fried egg. All we could say was, wow.! They do a pretty good job with their sandwiches. The bread is really decent. It is soft with just a bit of chewiness and perfect for soaking up sauces. The chicken itself was also nicely cooked with a crispy coating and just a hint of lemongrass flavour. Not sure why it came with a spring roll but we have all had spring rolls and tater tots. It is a pretty nice box for $15 (we forgot to get our soft drinks!)
We also ordered an H2 Eats Box / Henry's Choice. This started with a great marinated pork sandwich sort of a variation on a banh mi complete with pickled vegetables.The pork was just a little sweet and the bun was the same decent bread. There was a good vegetarian spring roll in the box and a couple of deep fried chicken fingers. They were crispy and hot but one was almost all batter with very little chicken and they could have used some salt.
We also ordered a couple of salad rolls which were quite good. Salad rolls aren't exactly brain surgery but they are always light and refreshing.
So Henry's Hip Eats is pretty decent. Find them set up next to a nice microbrewery with a patio and you can have a relaxing and enjoyable meal or visit with whoever you are currently allowed to visit with.
Food                    3 1/2 out of 5
Comfort               Depends, doesn't it?
Service                 4 out of 5 (very nice people)
Value                    3 1/2 out of 5


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