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La Pizza Week? Wasn't it just La Poutine week? The fact that it should be called either Pizza Week or La Semaine de Pizza aside, this is a bit of a Saputo promotional 'festival' but we don't mind since we discovered Pizza Mantra and were pleasantly surprised! 

Tucked away in a little strip mall on 202nd Street just north of 88th in Walnut Grove, their La Pizza Week featured pizza was interesting enough to make us willing to give them a try. We placed an order on the phone but they do have an online ordering system. Their menu features the usual pizza, pasta, salads, and a few Indian dishes and they are a takeout joint, pandemic or not!
Pizza 202 is their featured pizza with chicken, bacon, and pineapple on white sauce with lots of Mozzarella. First of all, this was a very good pizza that I would order again. Mharie (with the sweet tooth) likes pineapple on pizza and we are quite certain that it was fresh and not canned! Is that possible? It was firm and not a sweet as the canned stuff. I'm kind of partial to white sauce and they weren't cheap with the Saputo Mozzarella! 
We decided to try their Achari Cauliflower Pizza (also called Achari Ghobi on their menu which caused some unnecessary confusion when ordering) which turned out to be amazing! This was another white sauce pizza with, in addition to cauliflower obviously, there was red onion, jalapeno, fenugreek, ginger, cilantro, and assorted spices. This was earthy and tasty and I loved the fenugreek flavour (mistook it for fennel ). My new favourite non-Italian type pizza!
Finally, we ordered Punjabi Wings. All the wings here are baked and these were fat and flavourful! They weren't killer spicy but had just a touch of warmth with a few onions and green peppers. Nice!
This is probably it for us and La Pizza Week but we wanted to at least acknowledge it. And we are happy that we found Mantra Pizza!
Food                 4 out of 5
Service             4 out of 5 (ready on time and friendly!)
Comfort           NA 
Value                4 out of 5

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