Belgian Chocolate Cafe

Belgian Chocolate Cafe is one of those places that I was excited to visit when it first opened but we just never got there (except one time when we went not realizing that it closed at 6 pm). We saw on Instagram that people were posting the melting dome under the stream of rich warm chocolate and wanted badly to try it! Finally, here we are!

Located right across from the Parq on Smithe, BCC is closed by 6 or 6:30 every day which we find odd but we made room for it. The specialty here is rich Belgian Chocolate in both liquid and solid forms. 
They do some specialty coffees and hot chocolate. Curiously, no drip coffee so I tried a Cappuccino which was very nice. Mharie had her decaf  Americano which was also well done.
In addition to a lot of cakes and sweets, BCC does a few breakfast and lunch items including some very nice waffles. These came with ice cream and a pot de chocolat which made it a wonderful treat! Very rich warm chocolate!
Finally, what we really came for was the Chocolate Dome! We took a video of the process of pouring the rich warm chocolate over the dome and seeing it fold in on itself, revealing a rich cheesecake centre. However, the video is not impressive so I will post a few pictures instead to give you the gist.

As you may be able to tell, pouring chocolate and taking pictures with my phone at the same time is not my strong point, but you get
the idea.

Also, I feel like Blogger could be a little more cooperative and intuitive as to placing and moving photos but oh well, it's free and I am no techno-wizard. All in all, it looks OK, doesn't it?

This is very close to chocolate overload if there is really such a thing! There was so much richness between the dome, the cheesecake and the liquid that one might be advised to check one's blood sugar after and also, make time for a nice nap! This was a wonderful treat that we highly recommend!
BCC is not a huge cafe but there are a few tables and the folks here are observing the social distancing rules. There was also a table outside but it was a little chilly when we were there. Come here for a hot chocolate or a nice treat or one of their breakfast or lunch items and a very good coffee.
Food            4 1/2 out of 5
Service        4 out of 5
Comfort       4 out of 5
Value          3 1/2 out of 5

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