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Why do I feel like we have never heard of this place? Was I away when it opened or has it just been around a long time and been kept secret? It was very busy so evidently, it is a popular haunt for the folks in South Burnaby where it lurks on Buller near Kingsway. The One presents the usual challenge for me at a Taiwanese restaurant namely, an endless selection of things I would like to be eating.

We went with Marie's kids and grandkids (a selection of them anyway) after visiting the Selfie...I mean the Sunflower Festival in Richmond. We didn't have to wait too long for a table for 7 of us, although it was close to 9pm on a Sunday evening. 
So many of us meant a lot of dishes to photograph and comment on. First up was Deep Fried Chicken Skin, certifiably the most unhealthy dish known to man but oh so tasty in small quantities! Best to share rather than making it your main course!
The Beef Noodle Soup was impressive also. Beefy and with really decent noodles, some greens and a generous helping of beef balls.
My own choice was Stir-Fried Lamb with XO Sauce and Noodles. This was tasty enough and the noodles and sauce were great. However, the lamb bordered on shoe leather. It presented quite a challenge to my jaw and never really did get eaten.
The kids like the Ham and Eggs Fried Rice so much so that they got two orders. I thought it was tasty enough.
This dish of little bites was (along with a bowl of rice) part of a meal set (I don't remember which). A soy sauce egg, spring roll, something close to kimchee and a sauced beef. It would have nicely rounded out a meal set for a sole dinner but got absorbed into the family meal here.
The Deep Fried Squid (this might have been the main for the meal set) was a tad on the chewier side. My jaw got more of a workout here than I would usually look for, but the squid was tasty and salty and enjoyable in small portions.
Finally, there was Sliced Beef in Pancake. I am a big fan of Chinese pancake and this one was pretty good. The thinly sliced beef was a tasty addition. This was probably my favourite item of our late evening feast.
This is a fairly chic place and they are handling the whole COVID thing well with spacing and taking info for tracking purposes. Our servers were efficient and friendly and had the whole social distancing thing under control.
Food                    3 out of 5
Comfort               4 out of 5
Service                4 out of 5
Value                   3 out of 5

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