Huang's Beef Noodle

This was only our second visit to a dining room in the last 2 1/2 months and a return to trying humble places found on's, "Never Heard Of It" list! I've wanted to visit Huang's Beef Noodle for a long time and we are certainly glad to have finally made it!
Located on Victoria Drive near 54th Avenue, HBN has a small dining room of 3 tables but does some serious take out business. Obviously, their speciality is wonderful beef noodle soup but we tried a few other things as well, starting with Flavoured Seaweed.
Just a mild hint of the ocean and a nice tender texture, this was a good way to start the meal.
We love Deep Fried Tofu and this one featured Chili Salt and a lot of garlic which we carefully placed on top of each bite. It was nicely crispy with a velvety interior.
These were pork dumplings, pan-fried with a vinegar dipping sauce. They were decent and came with green onion pancake.
The green onion pancake was decent also. They came together for only $7.25 (?). A good price for some nice standby plates. You can't get too excited but I liked them. But we came for soup!
And their soup really was special! The Beef Noodle with tendon was rich and just a little spicy. They were generous with the tendon and the beef was tender. The noodles were on the thick side and chewy which we loved and there was bok choy and a dollop of pickled cabbage on top to round out the dish. This was wonderful and comforting and worth putting on your list!
Finally,  we tried one of our favourites, Taiwanese Fried Chicken. I intended to order this on rice but accidentally ordered it in soup. It was not a bad mistake. The chicken was excellent with just a hint of basil and dropping pieces into the soup made it even better. Not surprisingly, we got chicken broth this time and it was also rich and tasty.
Another empty dining room for my collection but at least this one had us in the corner and 2 more open for customers.
For what its worth, we give Huang's Beef Noodle, 4 out of 5.
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