Cold Tea

So I read in one of the posts introducing this new Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant at the corner of Granville and Davie, that "cold tea" was at one time code in some eateries, for beer that would be served to you in a teapot  (in disguise as it were), after hours when the bars in Vancouver had closed.
Located in the former space of Tsui Hang Village Seafood Restaurant, the new management has done some serious renovating and the result is a beautiful room. The oohs and ahs started as soon as we entered the restaurant and saw the abacus wall behind the front desk.

Despite our eating at an odd hour (we have adjusted our schedule in the interests of avoiding the crowds and making social distancing easier), we had made a reservation and were promptly seated. Selecting off the menu is a bit difficult as there are so many things that sound good. I had perused the menu but the addition of the happy hour menu just made it more difficult.
We decided to start with some skewers which were on the happy hour menu. The prawn skewers were tasty and had very nice texture but there was a note that I could not identify. Our serer asked for us and it turned out to be tamarind! It worked perfectly but I never would have identified it myself.

Next up were Barbequed Chicken Hearts. I was admittedly a little leery here not being a huge offal fan but these were really quite excellent. The texture was pleasantly tender with just a hint of chew and a slight barbeque sauce type flavour. There was none of the liver flavour that I kind of expected (not completely sure if I have ever had chicken heart).
From there we moved onto the all-day dim sum specials starting with Dickey's Dumps pork and chive flavour. There were only 3 dumplings but the all-day dim sum choices are only $5. They were tasty enough and had very good texture. Dickey's is local and very popular around Vancouver.  
Also off the all-day dim sum menu were Chicken Paws. No matter what you call them, we still know they are feet but that's ok because we almost always order them when we go for dim sum. Again smallish order but only $5. It means you can try a lot more different things. These were also tender and tasty!
Mr.T's Sweet and Salty Wings (the chef not the guy with the bad attitude and Mowhawk) were quite a revelation. They were meaty and sure enough, sweet and salty. We are not quite sure what is in the secret sauce except that for sure there is a hint of fish sauce demonstrating the Vietnamese side of the menu. We loved these and considered ordering more to go!
Finally, we had a Wake and Bake Sub. The bread of course, like any good Bahn mi, was pillowy on the inside with a slightly crunchy crust. There were a couple of amazing fried eggs which were beautifully runny with deep yellow yolks. There was a skiff of pate and lap cheong providing the meaty end as well as Bahn mi vegetables and sriracha mayo. I would eat this for breakfast any day!
Again, the environs really made an impression on us. This is a pleasant and comfortable room and the staff were very personable too.
I haven't written about restaurant soundtracks in a long time and while this one was subtle and did not insinuate itself into our conversation, it was very cool. Let's just say, I have been listening to Junior Kimbrough on my phone for the last few days as a result.
We'll be back soon to try some of the other tempting items off their creative menu.
For what its worth, we give Cold Tea 4 1/2 out of 5.

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