Le Doux Ciel

Google told us that the Belgian Chocolate Cafe was open until 8:00 (untrue) and I had been mesmerised by the view of the little melting chocolate ball that people were posting. So this cold Saturday evening, Marie and I walked and transited across town to find out we were SOL. All the better for us as we found Le Doux Ciel in the process.
A lovely comfortable little space in the Parq Hotel complex, Le Doux Ciel (the sweet sky!), is a place to relax and enjoy some dessert or a sweet. 
I have been nonplussed by the recent macaroon craze. My youth featured the occasional coconut macaroon from my Mother's kitchen which, while a pleasant memory did not live up to the current hype. LDC gave me a chance to explore that.
OK, so my Mom's macaroons were not like this but I loved them anyway. At $3 each, these bordered on being little works of art. 
Light and delightful, the macaroons made us smile. I am going to take a moment to grumble by commenting on the cost. At $2.95 each, all was well and I ordered 4 that would have provided just a nice taste. However, I was told that if I ordered 6, I would get one free. Being profoundly cheap and thinking 6 for the price of 5, I said sure but eventually found out it was 7 for the price of 6. Suddenly we had 7 macaroons and had paid $18...whatever. I am sure that most of you are yawning at this point. I could have easily said no thank you but I am insecure about looking cheap! They were still delectable at the price!
Thirty years ago or so, in eastern Canada I remember that mille-feuille was available as a snack cake by Hostess or some such, wrapped in cellophane. It did not look or taste anything like what we enjoyed at Le Doux Ciel. We very much enjoyed the light puff pastry layers and pastry cream filling. This serving was definitely enough to be shared.
There were plenty of other choices as well. Marie and I  shared a London Fog (a tea latte) and enjoyed our surroundings.
It doesn't have to be expensive and it is definitely an elegant treat. Also and not surprisingly, the staff were very nice! 
I feel good that we lived up to our vegetarian goals on this one although, to be honest, I believe meat based desserts are rather rare.
For what our opinion is worth, we give Le Doux Ciel, 4 out of 5.
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