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Every time I spot a little out of the way joint that looks like it doesn't get a lot of attention, I hope that I am discovering the next great diner, drive-in or dive, just like you know who. BBQ King Delight is not exactly out of the way (152nd and Fraser Highway) but it doesn't exactly have a great flashing neon marquee either. It is on the tiny side with seating at 3 tables but it is certainly not undiscovered as while we were there, there was a steady flow of customers for take-out and dine in.
The thing here is Chinese barbecue on rice. Two meats and rice for $12.95 is a great deal for satisfying comfort food.
So we tried barbecue pork and soy sauce chicken for one meal. The pork was tender and sweet on the outside. Very good. The chicken was also good with a ginger oil on the side. Half a soy sauce egg and a couple of chunks of broccoli and we were sold.
The other meal was roast pork and barbecue duck. They really shine on the roast pork. The crispy skin and tender meat were wonderful while the duck was also tasty and made us happy. On the side was a sort of sweet soy sauce and a second dark sauce which I could not identify but tended towards the savoury. 
These were served with tea and a sort of chicken broth type soup. Nice!
This is not a fancy place and service at the counter was friendly enough, but forget about table service. BBQ King Delight will also provide a whole or half roasted pork (or they alternately call it Lechon).  They have frozen dumplings and miscellaneous such as chicken's feet to go.
I'm not going to compare it to HK BBQ Master but it might be because the legend of that place has continued to grow in my mind. Still, my mouth waters thinking about this little place too.
For what it's worth, we give BBQ King Delight 3 1/2 out of 5.

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