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A little hole in the wall near Surrey Central station, New Town Bakery and Restaurant sports a line up nearly out the door, I am guessing close to all the time for their wonderful Chinese and Filipino baked goods including delectable Siopao (the Filipino version of Chinese Char Sui Boa).
We have been members of that line up many times but decided to grab a table in this decidedly un-fancy little restaurant and test the kitchen! It would not disappoint. We started by ordering too much as usual and lunch turned into leftovers for dinner. 
We started with Beef Noodles in Soup (Beef Mami). This is evidently the Filipino version and we loved the wheat noodles and silky tender beef. 
We ordered Squid with Spicy Salt which also made us happy. Tender yet crispy and hot from the fryer, with a nice topping of salt, garlic and chillis. This seemed a little pricey at $19.25 but overall prices for most items are reasonable. The family-style items can get up there a bit.
The Sweet and Sour Pork on Rice was only $11.25 and very tasty. I had a little crisis ordering this as it feels like a very "white guy" thing to order and I pride myself on being a little more adventurous. I guess one would call this a guilty pleasure and frankly it was very good. Not overly sweet or 'red' as I kind of expected. 
Finally Curried Fish Balls. The curry sauce was tasty enough but they were just fishballs leading me to ask, why did I order this? There was nothing wrong with what New Town did with them but they were just fish balls.
A simple dining room not built for date night but service is friendly and accommodating (they actually packed up our leftovers instead of just giving us containers). While the menu is mostly Cantonese, we notice more Filipino dishes listed on notes taped to the walls. The whole clientele and vibe of this branch of New Town is sort of half Filipino and half Cantonese.
For what our opinion is worth, we give New Town Bakery and Restaurant 3 1/2 out of 5.
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