85 Degrees Celcius Bakery Cafe - Tukwila

85 Degree Celcius is a newish bakery/cafe at Westfield Southcentre in Tukwila. Access is only available from the outside of the mall and near north side loading areas so it is unfortunately easy to miss. The name 85 Degrees Celsius is a reference to the perfect temperature to serve coffee so you could guess that they are serious about their beverages even if the baked goods are the attraction.
Curiously, the most basic coffee that they offer is an Americano at $3.50. For a regular coffee drinker like myself (Starbucks, dark roast, black), this seems a little pricey although, I enjoyed the Americano.
This is a self serve bakery so we grabbed a set of tongs and a tray and set out!
Personally, I am always the most interested in the savoury items like this Ham, Corn and Tuna Sandwich at only $2.50. It was toasted on all 5 sides and remained one item rather than 2 halves as you may expect. Both Marie and I enjoyed the crunchy texture and tasty filling.
Also on the savoury side were Whole Wheat Mushroom Buns at $2.00. Melted cheese rounded out the attraction here. Moist and flavourful thanks to a generous amount of mushrooms. 
There was plenty in the sweets department as well starting With Hokkaido Cheese Tarts at $2.20. Creamy and just cheesy enough, these were pleasing also.
Also under the heading of sweet were Sugared Cream Cheese Brioche,  a Taro Swirl and a Jumbo Coconut Strudel. I don't think each needs to be described in exhaustive detail like Marcel Proust's madeleines (actually, the long passage by Proust is more about the memories invoked by the madeleine and not the madeleine itself). I can summarize with this succinct comment, baking good!
This is a bright, cheery and comfortable little cafe. Prices are decent (I would be happier with some regular coffee) and the product seems to be fresh.
For what its worth, we give 85 Degree C 3 1/2 out of 5.
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