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Mixxbao was born out of a love for the Taiwanese Night markets. It is about a mix of culture and the mix of talents of the people that brought this place to life.
We happen to love Taiwanese food even though we haven't been to a Taiwanese night market yet. We stopped by this bright and airy little cafe on Saturday to try their gua bao and some wontons.
We ordered a couple of combos which gave us a chance to try a cross-section of their menu. Their menu is fairly simple as in addition to baos and wontons, they offer a couple of noodle dishes, a daily soup, a couple of focaccia and some house-made desserts. The first combo was a Pork Bao and Wonton Soup. The wontons in the soup and in the next combo are some of the best we have ever had. They were very tender and meaty with perfect noodle wrapping. The greens were just barely cooked (perfect) and tasty. The bao was a tender steamed bun and tasty stewed pork and fixings including peanut powder and sauerkraut. Very nice!
The second combo was Chili Wontons and a Chicken Bao. There was a surprisingly generous piece of chicken in this bao which was tender and crispy. The bao also had lettuce, tomato, and cucumber giving it a chicken sandwich feel but on that lovely, airy steamed bun!
Partway through our meal, management served complimentary Americanos to everyone, in connection with their grand opening month. 
A very pleasant little cafe (there is probably seating for 20 to 24 customers) with friendly people and tasty food. Not too expensive as the combos start at $12 or so.I'm not sure you could ask much more. If I lived nearby, I would probably be here often. 
For what our opinion is worth, we give Mixxbao 4 out of 5.
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  1. We love Taiwanese food, especially Taiwanese eatery because it is inexpensive, casual and delicious. It is the food that our generation..If you know more see this post


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