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One day of inclement weather and we think that summer is over and flee to the comfort of ramen. In reality, everyone claims that ramen is good in the hot weather as hot food keeps us cool by making us sweat. This is only a good idea if there is somewhere nearby to take a shower, otherwise I will stick to cool food in the hot weather, and hot food in the cool weather!
Admittedly, I am not a hot weather fan so cool weather and a visit to Kamamarui Ramen was my idea of a delightful day. As soon as we began perusing the menu and ordered a couple of combos, we realized that we had been here before, or at least to their sister restaurant on Kingsway.
The Bombs were a dead giveaway as I had only previously seen them at the South Burnaby store. These tasty little balls of rice and nori are a slightly ocean flavoured treat and  we ended up ordering a couple more of them. 
Also as part of a combo, we enjoyed their hot and crispy Karaage Chicken. This wasn't the most earth shattering version that we've had but it's hard to go wrong when the  meat is moist and the dipping sauce is tasty.
On to the main event, I had the Black Garlic Oil Chasu Ramen. This seems to be a more recent addition as I don't see it on posted versions of their menu. It was rich and garlicky and for my money, a complete success. I also asked for the sous vide version of the chashu to compare to the regular. To be honest, I couldn't actually tell you if it was better or not. I think it has more to do with how it gets seared on the grill although I understand the advantages of sous vide. It was delicious either way.
Marie had the Chasu Tonkatsu Ramen ( we never veer far from the  basics) with the regular chasu. Both soups had the requisite wood ear mushrooms, egg and excellent noodles. I was happy not to have a bunch of decisions to make about noodles but happy that they offer regular or rich both. We both chose rich and it was! 
Finally, there was a Mini Mapo Tofu Don. Another little taste of rice with the mildly spicy tofu and pork mixture on top. At only $4, it added a bit of variety. 
Not surprisingly we left full and happy. This is a comfortable little place with pleasant staff. I'm sure it can get busier here but we did not have to wait on Saturday at noon and our food was delivered to us fairly quickly.
For what our opinion is worth, we give Kamamarui Ramen and Don, 4 out of 5.

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