West Coast Fishing Club - North Island Lodge - Langara Island - Part Three

We were up and at 'em on Sunday morning, and our last full day of fishing from North Island Lodge brought a continuing good catch.
More of the same today folks. We admired some wildlife including more sea lions, a pair of breaching whales in the distance (too far away to photograph), auklets and this deer (Sitka Black-Tailed Deer?), which is an introduced species and a bit of a problem.
We caught some fish too! That shouldn't be surprising!
But let's get back to the food!
Appetizers in the lounge including not just one type of chicken wings but three! The Buffalo Hot Wings packed a bit of a punch but all three were hot, crispy and yet tender.
What makes Deep Fried Mac and Cheese Balls better? Smoked Salmon does! 
While we were munching on these tasty bites, Chef Luke Mussato was smoking some salmon with a bit of a mustard glaze for our dinner.
Dinner started with a riff on a Greek Salad accompanied by Pita and Tzatziki.
Roast Chicken and Gravy with Fingerling Potatoes, Yams, Broccoli and Green Beans. They actually have been feeding us more fresh vegetables that many of us eat at home. This was a wonderful roasted chicken and a very comforting meal.
Here is the result of Chef Luke's work at the smoker. The Maple Dijon Glaze was just slightly sweet but did not intrude on the smokey and tender fish. I notice that apple slices have served as a serving platform in several cases. Nice idea!
Dessert was Chocolate Mousse, creatively served in Mason jars with a chocolate shortbread crumble and raspberry coulis. 
Of course, this could not go on forever (I would be up to 300 lbs before long) and the next morning, this crew of Bert's Electric's employees made the trip home.
We did not go home empty handed however and will be eating Haida Gwaii salmon for some time. We all hope to be going back at some time. Thanks, North Island Lodge and thanks again Bert's Electric!


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