Apna Chaat House

Apna Chaat House has been on my radar for a couple of years since I saw a review by "Girl Loves Curry" (Where are you GLC? We need your guidance through the mean streets of Surrey!). More recently, Apna showed up on Scout Magazine's, "Never Heard Of It" list and then most recently was included in the article, "6 Cheap Eats In Surrey That You Need To Try" on the Daily Hive. We had to get there soon before they were overrun by people like us!
Located in a strip mall on Scott Road (of course, everything on Scott Road is in a strip mall) just north of 72nd, this is a unique and dare I say, fun Indian restaurant focusing on street food and generally smaller plates.
Photographs of the menus items are conveniently everywhere including the walls and the menus, which is good as otherwise we wouldn't be able to tell the Kulcha from the Kulche without asking a lot of questions.
Speaking of which, we started with the Chole Kulche. The kulche is a flaky and amazingly light flatbread and this one was stuffed with a spicy mixture of chick peas and potatoes. This was the only thing we had that triggered the sweat response in me. Yes, it was a bit spicy but delicious!
Though they had our beloved Fish Pakora on the menu, we decided to go another direction and tried their Chicken Lollipops. Served crispy and hot with a slightly spicy mayo, this dish was just OK. I have had better wings (these are not wings, of course) and I think our appetites would have been better served trying something that we have never had before. 
Like Vada Pav for example. Here is a nice bit of fusion. BTW, vegetarians can do just fine at Apna Chaat House. This is a deep fried potato dumpling with Indian spices. This is definitely "beyond meat" and very tasty.
It wouldn't seem like a chaat house if we didn't have Punjabi Mixed Chaat. Refreshing and providing a nice contrast to the spicy kulche, this is a room temperature mixture of puffy crackers (I think this is chaat), chutneys, yoghurt, and veggies. We love this!
All this for $35 plus tip! The staff gladly helped us figure our way through the menu. You should definitely put this place on your list of future adventures.
For what it's worth we give Apna Chaat House 4 out of 5.
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