Congee Noodle House

Congee is possibly the greatest comfort food known to mankind (well, in my opinion obviously). The craving overcame us this past windy Saturday and there was no help for it but Congee Noodle House.
This is one of those places that you have driven past a thousand times (Main and Broadway) and wondered if you should stop (you should). We were seated almost right away in the large dining room. It's a little clattery and busy but not uncomfortable and this is one of those places where the food is the point rather than ambiance! Service is friendly and a team effort. Catch someone's eye and they will help you whether it is their table or not. 
We started with Steamed Shrimp Rice Rolls which were very nice. The noodle was very delicate (to the point of tearing easily) while the shrimp were large and maintained some texture (not overcooked). I was expecting the side sauces that you get with dim sum at some places but it really didn't need it.
We had Beef Tendon and Beef Brisket with Noodle (I forgot to ask for Lo Mein noodles but the rice noodles were decent). Highlighted by a couple of large pieces of tendon that were just soft enough and a generous amount of brisket, this was another winner.
The barbeque was very good also. Three types (kitchen's choice) on rice was only $11 and a decent deal. Duck, roasted pork and barbeque pork were all tasty (not quite HK Barbeque Master but is anyone?)
Finally, there was the HK Style Sampan Congee with Minced Beef that I had been craving. Rich, creamy and hot (be careful not to burn the roof of your mouth like I always do). I am not able to identify all the ingredients but I was aware of the minced beef and some type of intestine. The topping was ginger, peanuts and green onions and a little sesame oil. Wonderful!
Prices are very reasonable and the menu is long. The room is big and noisy and we found the staff to be friendly enough. Most importantly the food is very good. We happily recommend that you give this place a try.
For what it's worth, we give Congee Noodle House a 4 out of 5.
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