Dock Lunch Off Main

Stepping into Dock Lunch Off Main got me thinking about my being at my Grandmother's house in Newton back in the late 1960s. There is stained glass over front windows and over doors (OK that part is not my Granda's house but definitely from her era). Of the collection of six brass candle holders on the bookcase, two were matched. Mismatched comfortable chairs and silverware all contribute to a pleasant homey atmosphere, making you feel like are dining in someone's front room!
This welcoming atmosphere was added to by our down to earth, friendly and efficient server who was managing the room by herself on Saturday morning.
The menu at Dock Lunch is short and changes daily (they post it on Instagram and elsewhere I am sure). There are maybe two or 3 items and a couple of deserts many of which lean in the direction of southern soul food, This particular day we enjoyed Hoppin' John and Cornbread with a Fried Egg. This black-eyed pea dish had a generous amount of amazing smoked turkey along with tender vegetables. The cornbread was neither sweet nor cheesy but a more classic delicious version with some wonderful texture that paired perfectly with the stew.
We also enjoyed their Japanese Pancake with Octopus and Miso Black Cod. The pancake was the vehicle for the octopus pieces while it was topped with various seaweed, bonito flakes and a very nice creamy sauce. The cod was perfectly cooked and made us smile. 
We had room for dessert for a change and ordered a piece of their Lemon Custard Tart with Sumac Birch Syrup. This was a creamy not too sweet tart with a subtly lemony syrup that we enjoyed a lot.
We didn't leave overfed. The portions are reasonable and considering the craft and creativity involved without actually being tweezer food, the prices are very decent. All of this and the fact that the menu changes daily and the atmosphere is unique, this has to be considered a bit of a hidden gem.
Make a trip downstairs to the washroom, even if only to wash your hands. I chose not to post a picture of a toilet, but you need to see the claw foot tub. Be careful on the stairs. They were built before the building code considered the slope.
For what our opinion is worth, we give Dock Lunch off Main a 4 1/2 out of 5.

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