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Now that we have set our sites on visiting all of Chef Angus An's eateries, we feel that life has meaning again (Oh, that is just a little joke. Life has always had meaning.). Call it a quest! Located in River Market in New Westminster, Freebird is a counter service, food court outlet that serves chicken either poached, rotisseried, fried or grilled. They serve chicken with Asian flavours in soups, in sandwiches, in salads....seriously, these people are all about chicken. We started by trying the Hot and Sour Fried Chicken Skin because honestly, it may be the most unhealthy thing I have ever seen on a menu (well it is organic skin).
Of course, it was amazing! Fortunately, I have my cardiologist on speed dial. I will admit that I did not get a lot of hot and sour. Maybe there should have been a dipping sauce? Still crispy and fatty with a bit of the same sweetness that marks the wings. Speaking of which...
At Freebird, they serve Longtail (Chef An's place just at the other end of the food court) Chicken Wings. I felt like I was cheating ordering the wings but know this: These are the greatest chicken wings that I have ever had! In my review of Longtail, I recount how I was nearly brought to tears by this amazing treat. Crispy as all get out yet so moist. Topped with sugar, garlic and basil and served with a tamarind dipping sauce! Amazing! I rarely use superlatives but this is one time when it is merited! Finally my partner and I tried the Turmeric Fried Chicken. 
In retrospect, I could have ordered something not fried just for variety but the turmeric part made it so unique that I could not help myself. And really, it did come with roti and curry sauce as well as some pickled and fresh vegetables. Three  big pieces of chicken on this plate for $15  strikes me as a decent price considering that like the other fried items, the chicken was insanely crispy and so moist inside. The turmeric flavour is very subtle here and just add maybe a bit of smokiness but not heat. As usual, there were lefovers to enjoy for lunch the next day!
 Well done Chef Angus An and Freebird staff!
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